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Aerial Work

We provide a bespoke aerial imaging service providing materials suitable for all types of photography, videography, roof surveys, ground surveys, estate agency & marketing. In addition to high definition images and 4K video we can provide detailed orthomosaic images and 3 D models.

As licensed commercial pilots we are duty bound to follow the high safety standards set by the CAA and complete a pre planning survey and an onsite survey before starting any flight.

The pre-planning survey is designed to ensure that we have completed all our due diligence checks and are satisfied that we can safely fly at the location to complete the required work subject to the satisfactory completion of our onsite survey.

The onsite survey confirms the findings from the pre-planning phase identifies any unforeseeable hazards, enables us to confirm our primary and secondary landing sites and to finalise both the safety and flight plans.

Our prices are very much dependent upon the work and finished product required in some cases we can provide you with the raw data for post processing or can post process it for you. In others such as 3D models and orthomosaics we have to process the data on your behalf.

CAA Permission for Aerial Work 1683/2015

Coverdrone insured 5 million public liability.

RPQ-s Qualified pilots:  Two x 0 – 7kg; One x 0 – 20kg.

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