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Carbon Pole Imagery

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Carbon pole photography is an excellent compromise between ground based photography and drone photography.

It very effectively takes the best of both worlds with little of the disadvantages in a normal compromise.

We can usually reach to about 50ft or 15m which is a good height for most survey work, marketing shots, and even weddings. It is still ground based and therefor gets around all the restrictions associated with the CAA regulations.

We operate an 18mb camera with a 10x stabilised optical zoom.

The carbon pole is also a very quick cost effective and solution. Relative to the traditional cherry picker it is very competitive. We normally quote per application but typically the average roof survey, for example is about £150 + VAT. That assumes about half a day’s work and we would normally take between 30 and 70 images in detail.

Take a look at the gallery and some of the different applications we can offer.


  • Roof Surveys
  • Dilapidations
  • Site Progress Shots
  • Marketing Images
  • Social Events


  • Photography up to 50ft (15m)
  • High resolution close up detail
  • Stills and video
  • Considerably more cost effective than a cherry picker
  • Very affordable
  • Safer
  • No Traffic Management
  • No Access Issues
  • No CAA Limitations

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