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Flight Schools


We provide a range of UAV/drone flight training options to meet individual’s needs and flying experience.

Our drone proficiency course is designed specifically to meet the needs of new and novice pilots. 

Drone Proficiency information

Our flight assessment preparation day is designed for Competent pilots wanting to confirm that your risk assessment, flight procedures and flying skills are practised in advance of your flight assessment. 

Assessment preparation information

For those individuals who lie somewhere between these two options and those who want to develop specific skills, we will discuss your needs with you and design and agree on an individual flight training package specifically for you. 

Skills development information

Our flight training is priced at £300 per day including VAT.

If you are completing the RPQ-s qualification you can reduce this cost by £100 if you book your RPQ-s course at Southam, Warwickshire through us.

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