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Ground School


Our UAV/Drone Ground School training is provided in collaboration with Resource Group a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity for Small Unmanned Aircraft (NQE SUA) leading to the RPQ-s qualification. 

Resource Group trainers deliver the two-day course on our behalf and you receive exactly the same training and support that you would if you booked a course directly with them.

The Ground school covers the essential theory and technical knowledge that you need to become a commercial UAV/Drone pilot.

Access to Resource Group’s online learning portal where you complete a number of pre-course packages providing some very necessary underpinning knowledge is included in the fee.

You also receive the same support and guidance when completing your Flight Reference Cards (FRC’s) and Operations Manual for submission to the CAA as part of the process for obtaining your Permission for Aerial Work.

The two-day ground school is priced at £995 including vat.

Why book your RPQ-s course at Warwick through us?

Simply because it provides you with the opportunity to combine the RPQ-s with our flight training and/or flight assessment training at a reduced price of £1195 which is only available as a package if you book your RPQ-s Ground School at Warwick through ourselves UAV Commercial Services Ltd.

Your flight and/or assessment training can be scheduled at another time providing you book your RPQ-s at Warwick through us to qualify for the offer.

Coursed dates 2018:

12th and 13th June

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